About Us

What is PICTEC

PICTEC is a non-public, independent research institute that performs high-quality applied research in the field of smart and deep technologies. We are bridging academia and business/industry to maximize efficiency with which innovation is implemented.

Located in Gdansk, Pomeranian region of Poland, we have a vision of intelligent Pomerania that has a significant contribution to the national and global economy.

Intelligent sensors (drone detector, odour detector), data analytics models (sales, energy saving), advanced control software (autonomous boats, e-car chargers), are only a few examples of our work.

Why do we do this

We enjoy working on innovative ideas, researching, applying knowledge, advancing the state of the art. We love seeing results of our work in practical applications that improve lives of others.

We also notice Poland’s small R&D capabilities, that are considered a greatest weakness of the academic system. As an organisation we believe that integration of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs builds lasting community based on knowledge. We follow this vision by playing active part in the regional innovation ecosystem, by participating in events that popularize applied research results, by collaborating with local academia and by supporting students’ research initiatives.

How do we work

PICTEC is an independent organization that performs contract applied research in the field of smart signal and data processing.

We keep up-to-date with core technologies and always stay in touch with research in our fields. People who know how to conduct applied research and who love to do it find their place in our organization to work hard on projects that lead to introduction of new products and services. Those for whom academic work is too stiff and too isolated from real life, are welcome. Those for whom developer’s or analyst’s job is a bit boring, are welcome too.

We make friends with open-minded business people and work hand by hand with their companies. We have for them our passion, but also our competence that results from accumulated experience in getting the best out of recent advancements in science. By discovering business and societal trends and needs, gathering and generating knowledge to answer to this needs and implementing this knowledge in applications, we enable introducing new products, services and organizational solutions. Thanks to this unique accumulation of know-how, together with us, businesses can do things that they wouldn’t dream of doing on their own.

But we do not do what we do for ourselves only, nor for particular companies. We want to improve our innovation ecosystem as a whole. We want to see more innovative companies in our region . We want to see our local community grow richer and wiser. Therefore, we help our regional officials to make better, more future-proof decisions. We take active part in debates on the future of our local community. Let us say it in a bit exalted way: we let knowledge to shape our common future.

Who are we

PICTEC hires only passionate people. We put them in charge and invite them to decision making. We value reason and creativity. We encourage our team-members to think for themselves. We maintain a wide range of business and academic acquaintances as different projects require people with different skills. We participate only in research-intensive projects that lead to real change and we turn them into long-lasting collaborations. We develop organizational culture and flat organizational structures that allow for seamless execution, avoiding excessive and time-consuming bureaucracy.

Our team keeps growing and we keep hiring new skilled and passionate graduates from regional universities. Our key principle is to foster curiosity and we encourage personal growth of our team via internal meetings, presentations and support for projects made by our personnel.

Our Team