What is PICTEC?

PICTEC is a non-public, independent research institute that performs high-quality applied research in the field of smart and deep technologies. We are bridging academia and business/industry to maximize efficiency with which innovation is implemented.


Located in Gdansk, Pomeranian region of Poland, we have a vision of intelligent Pomerania that has a significant contribution to the national and global economy.


Intelligent sensors (drone detector, odour detector), data analytics models (sales, energy saving), advanced control software (autonomous boats, e-car chargers), are only a few examples of our work.

Our Services

Formulating R&D strategy

to achieve long-term benefits from the opportunities offered by the science.

Assistance in applying for funding

to obtain additional financing for your research and development projects.

Designing new algorithms and models

to understand your signals and data better, optimize operations, predict outcomes.

Prototyping intelligent devices and software

to let your company deliver new tools, services and products.

Our Team