Data analytics in retail industry

Project overview

Period: Continuous cooperation

Project details

Together with PICTEC’s customer – a large European retailing company – we have successfully implemented numerous proofs of concept in data mining and machine learning (including experiments with different clustering, regression and dimensionality reduction algorithms) that resulted from the preceding Concept Generation phases. The aim of the experiments was to show how data mining and machine learning can help in different company’s operations, including:


  • Investments and renting – how to evaluate certain locations for new investment, how to use internal and publicly available data to characterize customer profile in particular area of a city
  • Shop design – to what extent shop partitioning and design influences sales results in selected customer groups?
  • Stock planning – how to forecast sales of different assortments in different locations? How are they influenced by other factors?

As a result, our customer plans to continue with Demonstrator phase aiming to build internal tools to aid and improve the decision processes.