Gotis – tourist statistics

Project overview

Period: April 2015–July 2015

Client: Gdansk Convention Bureau

Project details

To our client – Gdansk Tourist Organization – associating major legal entities involved in the development of tourism in the Gdansk Area – we have provided a Concept Generation service in the field of data mining, processing and reporting for improving governance. We answered many vital questions, including:

  • What are the possible sources of data? Social networks, stakeholders’ databases, surveys, public statistics available online, mobile phone operator’s registers, smart city systems, collaborative data sharing, to name a few. How to make this data available for analytics?
  • What kind of analytics can be performed to improve governance and how to implement them? How the results can be used?
  • What would be the cost of implementation of such system? What competences are required?

Based on numerous workshops and analyses, we have proposed a concept that lets our client to follow the designated roadmap for research and implementation of ICT solutions in the area of tourism statistics. Currently Proof of Concept phase is being planned.