Electric vehicles smart charging

Period: February 2018–January 2021

Partner/client: Enelion Sp. z o.o.

Goal: Optimization of operation of networked EV charging stations

 public (POIR.01.01.01-00-0777/17)

Budget:  7 mln PLN

Status: ongoing

Large-scale adoption of electric vehicles will pose a series of challenges and opportunities for the electric energy industry. On a local scale, the problem lies in a limited, dynamically changing available maximal power for EV charging and its distribution among a network of charging stations, when the total maximal charging power is greater than the total available power. On a larger scale, hundreds of thousands or even millions of plugged in EVs will greatly affect the daily energy demand curves contributing to the problem of balancing the energy grid load. On the other hand, those EVs will also create a great tool for demand-side response (DSR) grid load balancing by means of, e.g., dynamic pricing like time-of-use pricing.


PICTEC is helping to develop algorithmic tools for allowing optimization of operation of networks of charging stations by means of smart charging, utilizing such new technological developments as OCPP 2.0 and ISO/IEC 15118.

Leader: Stanisław Raczyński

Key people: Kacper Główczewski, Mateusz Olszewski