Parking Gets Smart

Project overview

Period: January 2019–now


Funding: European Regional Development Fund

Budget: 2,7 million EUR

Status: ongoing

Project details

The PARKING GETS SMART project develops and spreads innovative parking management solutions that make the most of digitalisation and advanced ICT tools. The project gathers representatives from the pioneer developer community, creates new approaches and disseminates them to other parking actors in the South Baltic area.


PARKING GETS SMART will create a set of innovative, site-oriented model strategies for digital parking management, that will define tailored “push” (e.g. parking fees) and digital “pull” (e.g. dynamic parking guidance apps) mechanisms for typical use cases in the area (e.g. university campus, seaside resort).


The project will also result in a set of tools and models to establish the base infrastructure for digital processing and sharing of open parking data, as well as model applications that demonstrate and validate benefits.


PICTEC, except from preparing annual market reviews and ongoing expert asssistance for the consortium members in the projects’ tools implementation and integration processes, is currently involved in creating a generic, non-proprietary model hub that is developed as an open source software.