Junior Researcher


  • understanding scientific and technical documents,
  • implementing modern methods of analysis and processing of data and signals,
  • showing initiative in problem solving.


  • proven passion for innovation (hobby projects, affiliations, awards, publications etc.),
  • basic technological knowledge of information science (e.g., higher technical education),
  • algorithmic thinking,
  • ability to program in high-level languages, preferably in Python, Matlab, R or Julia,
  • good command of spoken and written English.

We offer:

  • mentoring and support in implementation by an experienced senior researcher,
  • work in an inspiring and creative environment in research and development projects,
  • good salary,
  • possibility of rapid career development,
  • coffee (unless it’s out).

Send your CV to: [email protected]

If you don’t feel strong enough about your skills, but have strong passion for science and innovation and would like to join us anyway, you can always apply for an Intern position and learn from the best.