Technology concept generation in renewable hydrogen sources

In recent years, extensive R&D work is being pursued wordlwide for finding new ways of hydrogen production. Hydrogen is seen as the fuel for next generation. For our customer – including SESCOM S.A., a Polish company providing building maintenance and technical service solutions on international level – we have conducted a Technology Assessment processes. The TAs included analysis of the state of the art, analysis of the current technology readiness level, analysis of the current directions of research and development carried out worldwide, analysis of resources available in the regional innovation ecosystem and potential sources of funding.


On the basis of the analyses, we:

  • defined key requirements, which should guide this work,
  • developed a roadmap for future work,
  • identified the necessary resources and competences,
  • estimated the costs of bringing the technology to more mature phases,
  • proposed financing sources,
  • suggested commercialization strategy.

Thanks to the study, our customers were able to evaluate and decide on further investments in innovative technologies, being aware of the global trends, using the potential of their organization and its business environment.