Mefitis – electronic nose

Project overview

Period: December 2015–now

Client: Gdansk University of Technology

Project details

Electronic noses are active field of research and find many practical applications, from food quality control to medical diagnosis, to detection of pollutants and gas leaks. For our customer – Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, we have build an industrial-grade universal electronic nose prototype that performs statistical analysis of signals from an array of semiconductor gas sensors to recognize smells and estimate their concentration.


Different analysis techniques (including PCA and NMF) can be used to determine composition of examined gas. The device consists of five modules: data acquisition and control module, a zero air generator as a reference source, an air diluter for high-concentration smells, a barbotage module and a control and analytics software. Multi-sensor approach with cost-efficient semiconductor sensors can result in lower equipment price, higher accuracy and may lead to new applications.